UL017: Hjorten – Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1

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Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1Do you ever get the notion that everyone on the dancefloor is staring at your odd moves?

Do you ever refrain from dancing because you’re not really “feeling” the beat?

Have you ever wanted to dance like no one’s looking, even though they are?

Then Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1 is for you!
It doesn’t judge, laugh or point.
It knows its rhythms are a bit off and maybe that break shouldn’t be there. But it doesn’t care. It wants you to dance, no more – no less. Dance dance dance!

Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1 is Hjorten‘s first step into the world of chiptunes, mixing suspicious rhythms with repetitive basslines and somewhat “off” drums. The EP’s strength is its weakness: the need to move it, move it. Dance like there is nothing else, let every thought go.

  1. – Intro –
  2. Dddemolition
  3. Mapping The Mind
  4. Uh Duh
  5. Ooops
  6. – Intermission –
  7. 421
  8. Optional
  9. Ovrnovr
  10. – Outro –
  11. Exclusive
  12. Imma Do Speed
  13. Partial Washing of The Brain Part 1.

The EP is available to stream/download via Soundcloud and Bandcamp or buy the limited CDR edition which features special artwork (pictured above) and three bonus tracks not available anywhere else.

UL016: Johan Hjort – Live at Klubb Intim! Vol 1

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UL016: Johan Hjort - Live at Klubb Intim! Vol 1A tape with improvised percussion, one ebow, one coin, one tuning tool and two zithers. That was all Johan used during his performance at Detroit Stockholm‘s Klubb Intim! Vol 1.

It’s a logical madness and a beautiful ugliness, for almost 15 minutes.

Download (320 kbps / 33,9MB)
Watch some parts of the performance here.

UL015: Johan Hjort – Document 1: New Year’s Eve

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UL015: Johan Hjort - Document 1: New Year's EveThe first release of 2013 is also the first in a series of audio documents Johan Hjort will be publishing for an unforseen future.

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration, a night of fireworks and in some cases, a night drenched in way too much alcohol. For Johan, the past three Eves has been spent sitting on his balcony with recording equipment; capturing fireworks, people cheering and celebrating the dawn of a new year.


  1. 2010 / 2011
  2. 2011 / 2012
  3. 2012 / 2013

Track 1 recorded with an Edirol R-09, track 2 and 3 recorded with an Edirol R-09 and a Zoom H4n. The document is presented with minimal editing and effects.

Download the document, for free or pay as little or much as you want.

UL014: Hjorten – 29

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UL014: Hjorten - 29The fifth instalment of Hjorten’s birthday tradition.

Made using MusicGrid and laundry room recordings.

Download: 13,5MB / 320 kbps / 5:54 minutes.

UL013: Reversed Obesity – Mourning Ritual

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The end of Reversed Obesity is near; let the mourning ritual begin.

This collects all physical releases to date, including appearances on compilations and several previously unreleased tracks. Five hours and twenty-seven minutes of harsh noise. It’s more than enough to melt your mind.

Download here (751 MB), 320 kbps.
Download seperate tracks here
See tracklist and info over at Discogs.

UL012: J. Hjort / M. Åberg / M. Zetterberg – Tre variationer av tystnad

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Does silence really exist? John Cage claimed that it didn’t and we’re bound to agree.

Sounds happen all the time, even when we’re sleeping – but where do they come from?

That’s what Hjort, Zetterberg and Åberg decided to find out. The result is this three-way split whose concept was conceived in early 2009 and was considered complete a year later, and is finally being released.

1. J. Hjort – Monstret under min säng lyssnar när jag sover
2. M. Åberg – Rum utan skuggor
3. M. Zetterberg – Om natten samlas de kring min vilande lekamen

Download. (320 kbps / 57MB)

UL011: Johan Hjort – Live At Noisebath

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Johan Hjort armed himself with a recording of his parents wedding, two Monotron Delays, a Midiverb and a couple of pedals. Then he took on Umeå.

Download here (47,5 MB;  320 kbps, 20:45 minutes)

UL010: Johan Hjort – Emil

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Your friends’ son is getting baptized, so of course you give him clothes, money, or a stuffed animal.

Unless you’re Johan Hjort, that is. Then you give him a 12″ lathe cut based on his own screams, because what kid wouldn’t want to hear what their screams sounded like?

The EP came from three recordings, and each recording is the source for one track.

Limited to 10 copies. Sold out.

  • A1. Emil
  • A2. Effektmöte
  • B1. Emil
  • B2. Rytmik
  • B3. Emil
  • B4. Triggat

UL009: Hjorten – 28

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Who gets up at five in the morning on their birthday? Hjorten does. But only because he has to work. However, a 13-hour shift doesn’t stop him from recording sounds.

Another piece to the birthday tradition. Ambient loops with a two-faced reality.

Download here (18.1MB; 320 kbps)

UL008: Johan Hjort – A Smile For Able

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On July 1st, 1946 the United States detonated a nuclear bomb called Able. On November 8th, 2011 Johan Hjort premiered a video piece featuring footage from the nuclear test. This is the audio that went with the piece, plus bonus remixes.



  1. A Smile For Able
  2. A Smile For Able (Early Draft)
  3. A Smile For Able (Operation Crossroads Mix)
  4. A Smile For Able (Adams Necktie Remix by V3xation)
  5. A Smile For Able (N-party Remix by Youngstuff)
  6. A Smile For Able (Limitless Power Remix by La Nausée)

Download here 83 MB, 320 kbps MP3.