UL007: Hjorten – ÄH

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Each city has its own sounds, its unique soundscape. A mixture of natural and industrial sounds that makes its citizens feel at home.

And then a bearded sound recordist comes along and takes all of those sounds and puts them into a completely different context.

ÄH was recorded July 3rd-10th in Ängelholm and processed safely back in Uppsala.

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1. Och så vaknade jag vid havet
2. Huset var nära att falla ihop
3. Genom träden sken ett underligt ljus
4. Luften brast mitt i allt
5. Kring mig lekte barn glatt
6. Det kalla stålet slets sönder

Streamable samples via SoundCloud:

UL006: Johan Hjort – Bright Light

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Bright Light escapes the rush of civilization and takes refuge in a forest. It rests and recuperates, it grows strong. But in the end, it can’t withstand urbanization.

This EP is a small taste of Johan Hjort‘s upcoming full-length album, out on deersound later this year.

45,5 MB / 320 kbps MP3 / 20:04.

Download here

UL005: Johan Hjort – Live i Gävle

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The bald and bearded founder of Underljud, Johan Hjort, got on the train to Gävle. From there he went straight, more or less, to Om A är B så C‘s second year celebration where he performed a brand new piece live.

This is the recording of said performance. Photo by Jessica Malmberg.

45 MB / 320 kbps MP3 / 19:41.

Download here

UL004: Hjorten – 27

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Would a perfectly sane person tattoo themselves just for the sake of getting artwork. Probably not. But that’s what Hjorten did. Then again, there are those who say he isn’t a perfectly sane person.

27 is Hjorten‘s third instalment in his birthday tradition of recording sounds and turning them into some sort of track.

This time it’s a short one, because being tired makes him less creative. But do enjoy it nevertheless.

13,2 MB / 320 kbps
Download here.

UL003: Hjorten / Manifesto – 2×10

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Today is the tenth day of the tenth month, ten years into the third millennia. To celebrate this, we release this split EP with Hjorten and Manifesto.

Hjorten gives us distorted field recordings in form of a vuvuzela street concert and an anti-racist demonstration. He also includes his first ever owned analog synth; a Korg Monotron. It’s not as minimalistic as it sounds, there are layers upon layers of sonic textures and structures.

Manifesto treats us to some manic preaching with powerful industrial sounds. And powerful is really the best word to use, because the longer into the track you get, the more powerful noise your ears are forced to endure.

Hjorten / Manifesto – 2×10
3″ CDR, Split EP
10 copies.

1. Hjorten – 10/10/10
2. Manifesto – 10-10-10

All copies are now sold!

UL002: Hästoperan – Förlorad

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Our second release, and first digital, is an EP by the Uppsala-based electronic composer Jonas Josefsson using his pseudonym Hästoperan.

Förlorad was recorded in 2008 and was inspired by the ocean as well as the unknown. The EP is a 20 minute long track divided into four pieces, it’s peaceful, beautiful and has a very organic feel to it.

Artwork by Magnus Andrae.

47,3 MB / MP3 320 kbps

1.1 Krakens hemvist
1.2. Inget öga i stormen
1.3. Öppet hav
1.4. Obruten yta

Download here.

UL001: Hjorten – Amendurå!

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Our first release is by none other than Hjorten, the founder of Underljud.

Amendurå! is a 3″ CDR EP crammed with amen breaks, properly arranged ones, as well as totally whacked out. Hjorten‘s not the only guilty person on this release however, because he invited a friend to remix the crap out of one specific song.

The contents of this EP is, if you haven’t figured it out by now, all amen breaks. There are a few exceptions to the amen rule, but those are few. There’s even a desecration of the good old song that started the whole thing; Amen, Brother by The Winstons. As the genres goes, it’s a random mix of jungle, breakcore, IDM and breakbeats.

Artwork by upandatthem based on Hjorten‘s concept.

Hjorten – Amendurå!
3″ CDR, EP
17 copies

  1. A non-untitled track
  2. A reason to sweep
  3. Twenty Amens, five at a time
  4. Drums and no bass
  5. Gimme a fat Amen!
  6. Desecrating The Winstons
  7. A piece of (Amen) cake
  8. Not an Amen
  9. Gimme a fat Amen! (And then dance remix)
  10. Bill Hicks didn’t care
  11. Lovely compliments
  12. nemA kaerB
  13. A piece of (Amen) cake (Sordid mix by La Nausée)
  14. Fourty Amens, five at a time