Q: What’s the difference between Underljud and deersound?
A: Underljud is a more random label, and with random we mean that we might even release rock, which deersound won’t.

Q: Are you looking for artists?
A: Generally, no. But we might give your stuff a listen. Though, to be sure, contact us first and see if we’re interested. A word of advice: half-done projects should be completed before even considering us.

Q: What medias will your releases be on?
A: CDR and mp3 are the main ones. Though we are not limiting ourselves to just those two. The future is bright, and ideas are plenty.

Q: Do you ship outside Europe?
A: Yes, we do. All prices includes world-wide shipping.

Q: I’m Swedish, do I need to use PayPal?
No, use the contact form and we’ll solve it.