UL001: Hjorten – Amendurå!

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Our first release is by none other than Hjorten, the founder of Underljud.

Amendurå! is a 3″ CDR EP crammed with amen breaks, properly arranged ones, as well as totally whacked out. Hjorten‘s not the only guilty person on this release however, because he invited a friend to remix the crap out of one specific song.

The contents of this EP is, if you haven’t figured it out by now, all amen breaks. There are a few exceptions to the amen rule, but those are few. There’s even a desecration of the good old song that started the whole thing; Amen, Brother by The Winstons. As the genres goes, it’s a random mix of jungle, breakcore, IDM and breakbeats.

Artwork by upandatthem based on Hjorten‘s concept.

Hjorten – Amendurå!
3″ CDR, EP
17 copies

  1. A non-untitled track
  2. A reason to sweep
  3. Twenty Amens, five at a time
  4. Drums and no bass
  5. Gimme a fat Amen!
  6. Desecrating The Winstons
  7. A piece of (Amen) cake
  8. Not an Amen
  9. Gimme a fat Amen! (And then dance remix)
  10. Bill Hicks didn’t care
  11. Lovely compliments
  12. nemA kaerB
  13. A piece of (Amen) cake (Sordid mix by La Nausée)
  14. Fourty Amens, five at a time

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