UL003: Hjorten / Manifesto – 2×10

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Today is the tenth day of the tenth month, ten years into the third millennia. To celebrate this, we release this split EP with Hjorten and Manifesto.

Hjorten gives us distorted field recordings in form of a vuvuzela street concert and an anti-racist demonstration. He also includes his first ever owned analog synth; a Korg Monotron. It’s not as minimalistic as it sounds, there are layers upon layers of sonic textures and structures.

Manifesto treats us to some manic preaching with powerful industrial sounds. And powerful is really the best word to use, because the longer into the track you get, the more powerful noise your ears are forced to endure.

Hjorten / Manifesto – 2×10
3″ CDR, Split EP
10 copies.

1. Hjorten – 10/10/10
2. Manifesto – 10-10-10

All copies are now sold!

2 Comments on “UL003: Hjorten / Manifesto – 2×10”

  1. 1 Plague said at 17:48 on October 16th, 2010:

    haven’t shown any interest in numerology since 8/8/88 but still interested in music.

  2. 2 M said at 22:47 on October 18th, 2010:

    Six Six Six, it makes us sick,
    we’re sick sick sick of six six six…

    -numerology a’la D. Tibet

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