UL015: Johan Hjort – Document 1: New Year’s Eve

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UL015: Johan Hjort - Document 1: New Year's EveThe first release of 2013 is also the first in a series of audio documents Johan Hjort will be publishing for an unforseen future.

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration, a night of fireworks and in some cases, a night drenched in way too much alcohol. For Johan, the past three Eves has been spent sitting on his balcony with recording equipment; capturing fireworks, people cheering and celebrating the dawn of a new year.


  1. 2010 / 2011
  2. 2011 / 2012
  3. 2012 / 2013

Track 1 recorded with an Edirol R-09, track 2 and 3 recorded with an Edirol R-09 and a Zoom H4n. The document is presented with minimal editing and effects.

Download the document, for free or pay as little or much as you want.

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