UL017: Hjorten – Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1

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Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1Do you ever get the notion that everyone on the dancefloor is staring at your odd moves?

Do you ever refrain from dancing because you’re not really “feeling” the beat?

Have you ever wanted to dance like no one’s looking, even though they are?

Then Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1 is for you!
It doesn’t judge, laugh or point.
It knows its rhythms are a bit off and maybe that break shouldn’t be there. But it doesn’t care. It wants you to dance, no more – no less. Dance dance dance!

Unintelligent Dance Music: Volume 1 is Hjorten‘s first step into the world of chiptunes, mixing suspicious rhythms with repetitive basslines and somewhat “off” drums. The EP’s strength is its weakness: the need to move it, move it. Dance like there is nothing else, let every thought go.

  1. – Intro –
  2. Dddemolition
  3. Mapping The Mind
  4. Uh Duh
  5. Ooops
  6. – Intermission –
  7. 421
  8. Optional
  9. Ovrnovr
  10. – Outro –
  11. Exclusive
  12. Imma Do Speed
  13. Partial Washing of The Brain Part 1.

The EP is available to stream/download via Soundcloud and Bandcamp or buy the limited CDR edition which features special artwork (pictured above) and three bonus tracks not available anywhere else.

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